THERAMAG is a proprietary, patented, state-of-the-art system designed to deliver electromagnetic field energy to the human body.
For centuries, the underlying principle in medicine was to help mobilizing the body's own healing mechanisms. THERAMAG stimulates the body to heal itself.
THERAMAG generates electromagnetic fields that have been found to help the human body to relax and to relieve discomfort, tiredness and other physical ailments associated with heavy physical work or unusual stress.
THERAMAG is based upon the principle of ‘systemic effects’ in interaction of the human body with electromagnetic fields.
The magnetic fields generated by THERAMAG work to enhance the circulation of blood, and stimulates activity of the lymphatic and the endocrine systems.
With the blood vessel system stimulated by THERAMAG, the cells receive more nutrients. This helps them to recover and return to normal activity and to normal metabolic rate.
THERAMAG’s magnetic field energy helps expel the by-products related to discomfort and reduces the excessive pressure in the spaces between cells, which often causes pain.
In addition, research has shown that magnetic field energy has an anti-inflammatory action.
The THERAMAG is a non-significant risk investigational device designed to help in relaxation, well-being and certain health problems.
THERAMAG is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the National Electric Wire Code in order to assure electrical safety. Patient safety is secured by strict enforcement of the protocol for use. There are certain restrictions in positioning the device in order to assure the operator's safety.