Richard Bailey, Sr., Chairman and CEO

THERAMAG USA CORPORATION'S Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Bailey, Sr., is a results oriented general management and operations executive with in-depth experience in domestic marketing of THERAMAG products and services, strategic planning, and business unit profit and loss responsibilities. He successfully accomplished the establishment of a solid and profitable research and development presence in the "Magnetic Fields for Pain Relief" marketplace through the invention of the THERAMAGproducts and services.

Mr. Richard Bailey's most interest is in the development of new ideas and inventions in the field of electromagnetic. He believes in helping people and has a strong Christian faith loving GOD and country. Giving God all the credit, Mr. Richard Bailey created and developed an electromagnetic invention which is called the THERAMAG. In that regard, he formed Electromagnetic Resources, Inc. in March 1998 for the primary purpose of establishing a corporate entity to complete the research and development of the THERAMAG with the assistance of a Scientific Team. Once the THERAMAG was completed, He retained a patent attorney to prepare and file a patent application. The patent application was filed in January 2001 based on a Magnetic Field Generator for Therapeutic Application and was ultimately approved in November 2003. He has a unique ability to attract and retain world-renowned scientists, who firmly believe in the THERAMAG systems. The Scientific Staff continue to assist with enhancing the THERAMAG systems and other related products and services and have great expectations for continual development and worldwide acceptance.

Having in mind that electromagnetic field therapy is a very complex issue, which requires a comprehensive approach in knowledge and experience in physics, engineering, biology and medicine, Theramag USA has assembled a scientific and medical advisory board. Among the members of the board are scientists who pioneered research with MRI, have years of experience in basic science and clinical application with electromagnetic field therapy. They have also published hundreds and hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, several books on Biological and Clinical Application of Electromagnetic Fields. This allows Theramag USA to create a scientific base for the use of the Theramag unit, to develop a number of protocols for investigation of therapeutic effects of the proprietary signal and device, some of which have been IRB approved.