THERAMAG USA CORPORATION offers a unique device for helping people resolve various health related problems that might occur in everyday life. Our approach is based upon the principle of ‘systemic effects’ in interaction of the human body with electromagnetic fields.

THERAMAG is available in two models: the Professional, “arm” model and the Executive, “foot” model. THERAMAG produces strong homogeneous magnetic fields with field strength from 400 to 2000 Gauss depending on the model.

Both THERAMAG models feature our patented magnetic field generating component, coil and a proprietary designed cooling system. This unique cooling system assures continuous use of the THERAMAG, an important feature for high-throughput usage.

Both models are mounted on rollers for easy movement from one location to another and use standard 110-volt outlet. The Professional model features an easy-to-operate digital control panel for convenient operation and monitoring. The LCD display informs the user of the total length of the session, elapsed time and time remaining. The user typically sits in a chair adjacent to the unit, inserting his/her arm or foot into the device opening and relaxing for the duration of the session.

The THERAMAG Professional is built into a stainless steel case measuring 50 inches tall, 28 inches deep, 24 inches wide, and weighs approximately 650 pounds. The aperture for the user’s arm is an open ended hollow cylinder about 5 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. The smaller THERAMAG Executive model, ideal for home or small office use, is conveniently encased in stainless steel, having an 8 inches aperture for the foot or leg. This portable model weighs approximately 257 pounds and is easily moved from one location to another.

Take a closer look and experience the THERAMAG. To learn more, give us a call, or contact us. The THERAMAG is a safe, non-significant risk device.